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Aktualisiert: 14. Aug. 2020

Was bedeutet 'Aight'? Es ist ein oft im HipHop Slang verwendetes Wort für 'Alright' im Englischen.

So kommen wir direkt zu meiner Inspiration zu dieser Kollektion. Eine Arbeit als 'Hommage' an die multikulturelle, aufgeschlossene und kreative Musik Szene, mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf die HipHop-Szene. Mein Konzept ist deshalb auch auf Englisch verfasst:

„THE DRUMS that catch your heart
THE BEAT that gives you goosebumps
THE VOICES that make you cry”

What brings us together as humans? As living individuals? Since nowadays it definitely isn’t our culture and religion anymore - we have to trust in something else.

We are talking here about music. THE MEDIA that caused way more revolutions and changes than anything else. But it’s a way too long history that we could think of when it comes to the music scenery. Let’s capture the one and only 90’s! A time when everything CHANGES - as Tupac used to say. Statements - that what it’s all about. Statements to change, statements to symbolize and to influence. Let me tell you how it is: As soon as we can look back in humans nature, the ability of living together without force, hate and competition is clearly impossible. We already proved that way too many times. Hate and envy rule the world. But we will always try to fight against that fact.

Back in the 90’s Tupac almost ruled the HipHop Scene with his new, refreshing point of view and as a dark skinned singer, who definitely had a word in societies mouth. But is this enough? Joining Tupac and tons of other artist, Eminem was the next to come.

Today the music scene is the most tolerant way to express who you are. There seems to be millions of different singers and rappers. Millions of songs and beats. But the ones that count, are the ones that are moving. Moving you out of your trashy armchair.

There is no place for something like racism when it comes to music.


Um die Vielzahl und Diversity der Menschen und deren Toleranz in der Musik Szene darzustellen, habe ich die Mäntel dieser Kollektion komplett mit Acryl bemalt (Stoff: Kunstleder).

Eine Arbeit, welche mir wahnsinnig viel Spaß macht, da ich meine Leidenschaft zum Malen und Zeichnen mit dem Nähen kombinieren kann.

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